Each day of a personally accompanied retreat you will be meeting with your own retreat guide, who is a member of the team at 'The Welcome', to share what concerns you most deeply at that point of your journey with God. The retreat provides a time for:

Finding a space for personal reflection, prayer and meditation
Exploring with your guide different ways of praying.
Making the connection between your prayer life and daily living.

Although the retreat is lived as a group experience it will be made in silence as an aid to prayer and personal reflection. Gardening and manual work is available for those who wish.

27 July to 5 August An Urban Oasis Sisters of St Andrew
 Silent Retreat (IGR) with personal accompaniment. A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 consecutive days. Early booking essential for 6 - 8 day retreats.
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26-28th October Stepping Stones into Silence Sisters of St.Andrew
  A silent retreat for beginners with personal accompaniment
Arrivals Friday 5pm and departure Sunday 5pm
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It is also possible to make an individually guided retreat outside these dates
and throughout the year the Sisters welcome individuals who wish to make their own private retreat;
for more information please contact the Sisters of St Andrew.